art in punta del este, uruguay

art in montevideo  and colonia, uruguay

art in BA 

art in Buenos Aires 

im back!

hello everyone, sorry that i havent posted in so long. things have been a bit crazy here, but im going to start posting again. one thing that i wanted to write about is street art. Street art in Latin America is amazing.Graffiti in general is more common. i had a conversation about this with my first host mother when i originally arrived in Rosario. I was talking to her about graffiti and how i liked the fact that the graffiti here was more artistic and also political. i was trying to explain to her that in the United states, graffiti is (not always, but regularly) gang related, and her response was “why? anyone can do it.” for this reason, street art  was something that i was looking forward to when i came to Rosario, but i was disappointed with the lack of color and art in the city. I  took a couple side trips to Buenos Aires and and also Uruguay (colonia and punta del este) and i found so many amazing murals and paintings on the walls of buildings. I love Rosario, but the one thing that I wish is for more art. recently I had to move host families and my new home is closer to the river. so for the past couple of weekends i have taken walks along the riverside and i realized that there is so much street art in Rosario by the riverside. so im excited to explore, and i guess there was one good thing about having to move :)

not a good picture but its the best i could do from my balcony. lets just notice how the stars are different from in the states

not a good picture but its the best i could do from my balcony. lets just notice how the stars are different from in the states

Alright, let me just rant for a little bit. so, finding beans in argentina has been the biggest struggle. first of all, they use a different word. they call them porotos. on the first day that i was here my host mother asked me what kinds of foods i liked to eat and i was trying to ask her if people ate beans in argentina, but she had no idea what i was talking about. i ended up having to show her a picture online. then, later, i was talking to one of the women who works through my program and she told me that neither she nor any of her children had ever tasted beans in their life. she told me that i might be able to get them at the super market but that i would have to ask for them. i found these at a health food store. literally one of the only latin american countries that doesnt eat them. anyway, im making them for myself tomorrow (and the flower is a flower that i stole from a statue that was decorated in red flowers to celebrate the start of spring)